Track Down Vundabar's Tours History By Year

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Track Down Vundabar's Tours History By Year

The first Vundabar's Tour was held immediately after the release of their first album 'Antics' on April 24, 2013. From the very beginning, Vundabar with their charismatic leader Brandon Hagen demonstrated themselves not as a commercial group for the general public, therefore, they allowed themselves to express creativity with absolutely no limits.

Having found their own loyal listener, the band began touring extensively, giving the large-scale tours every year across North America and Europe. During 2015, Vundabar practically did not rest, as they had the grueling schedule with three rounds: Spring Tour, ‘The Doin' It To It Double Down Super’ Tour, ‘Gawk’ Summer Tour.

Particular attention should be paid to their tour called 'Gawk' Summer Tour in 2015, which can be called one of the most successful in the account of the group. In general, the Vundabar have made a lot of tours throughout their history, since 2013 the number of performances exceeds 10 times.

The last gig on the band's account was 'Drew Is in BIG Trouble' during the Autumn of 2017 featuring the support of The Frights and Hockey Dad. At the moment, the guys are preparing a new musical release 'Smell Smoke' LP and the next big tour to support it across North America in 2018.


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