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Vundabar Discography | All The Albums & Songs

To date, the discography of surf rock and the indie rock band of Vundabar includes four studio albums, which are marked by incredible exclusivity.

The first full-fledged release of the band was the LP called Antics, released on April 24, 2013. From the first Antics tracks, such as 'Greenland', 'Voodoo' and 'Holy Toledo', the guys had demonstrated deep talent and high-quality of their music, and by the way, the 'Holy Toledo' became eventually their  most popular song. In 2014, Vundabar released a self-titled album with older compositions in more skillful processing plus added a new track called Ash In The Sun.

The next Vundabar's musical opus was the 'Gawk' LP, which was released on July 24, 2015. The album revealed the musicians more from the indie rock side, and in some tracks added somafm and garage rock style. The last work on the account of the Vundabar is their self-titled track, which was released separately from other albums, its release was held on February 14, 2017. Currently, the musical team are preparing for their next studio album 'Smell Smoke' LP due to be released in February 2018.


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